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Home SamplingADC Home Sample Collection Services. High standard home visit private blood draw or other lab tests services by providing qualified trained Phlebotomists.

Why choose Us?

Online Reports If you are looking for the best medical laboratory then ADC is always there. Get laboratory tests done easily with our Home Sample Collection.

Why choose Us?

Online Lab Booking You need to have an account to use the online booking system. Login below or click here to register for a free account.

Why choose Us?

Online Consultation Booking Effortlessly book your doctor’s appointment from our list of doctors in Pakistan using ADC online appointment booking feature. This allows you to book an appointment with your doctor to either see them physically at one of the best hospitals in Pakistan or consult online without the hassle of leaving your home.

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We provide a wide array of Specialized Services

RADIOLOGY The department of Pathology at ADC is one of the top innovative and future-oriented laboratories in the region.

PATHOLOGY We aims to provide a consistent, cultivating world of health, catering to the real-time medical needs of patients, in a cost-effective way

CLINICS Clinic, an organized medical service offering diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive outpatient services.